Your Excellency, the Gubnertorial hopeful of Plateau State, come 2023, may we at this Godly hour congratulate you over your resounding victory at the recently concluded ‘APC’ Gubnertorial Primary Election in Plateau State. Your victory was indeed as a result of your administrative sagaciousness, mental stability, physical fitness, educational bombardment and technological effectiveness. Your victory has indeed given hope to the youths to strive hard and be politically inclined and accepted. Your landslide victory is indeed sacrosanct to us. 

Your indefatigable antecedents where humanity played a vital role in your life for over a decade attributed to the reasons why you garnered wide acceptance and support from the youths. Your administrative skill set as a public servant and your constant presence with an endearing legacy is what will make you victorious come 2023 Insha Allah. Your mandate is indeed divine. We are fully aware of your meaningful and creative agenda ‘ACEES A- Agriculture, C- Critical Infrastructure, E- Economic Gender and Youth Empowerment, E- Education, S- Security, which if effectively implemented, will definitely transform Plateau State to a computerize and technological State. With these ideas, calling you an Icon is a mere misnomer, describing you as a colossus because of your past and present ideas and achievements, we have not done justice to the essence because you are a force of nature that attracts love and willing acceptance from the general populace. More Grace, Sir.

On the issue of the day and on a more serious note without any play to the readers or aim of getting any political relevance but stating the obvious which if not properly checkmated, would affect our chances of winning at the polls in the 2023 elections. A more pressing matter came to our notice about some political desperados from Jos North who are power mongers, seeking for it by hook or by crook at the expense of the masses choice.

Permit us to reiterate that the political game plan of Prof Danladi Atu ‘SGS’ and Hon. Shehu Bala ‘Chairman, Jos North’ is not only unfortunate to say the least but a very dangerous play that may destroy our dear party if they are not stopped immediately. We have gathered our findings with facts on the manner in which Prof. Danladi Atu and Hon. Shehu Bala are mobilizing market men and women to pay a courtesy visit to your residence to endorse Prof. Danladi Atu as your running mate thereby paying each of them twenty thousand naira. Whose money are they using to settle the market men and  women if not government funds? Why are they so desperate for powers? Be informed that Prof. Atu and Hon. Shehu Bala have caused more harm than good to Governor Lalong’s administration. A lot of the aggrieved leaders and members of Jos North ‘APC’ today were attributed as a result Prof. Atu and Hon. Shehu Bala. According to Mark Hughes “Anyone desperate for powers, deploying every means to gain acceptance is not only dangerous but would do anything possible to rule” Such desperate act is obviously a threat to your agenda.

We the concerned youths of Jos North are only concerned about a better Plateau. We want a Plateau where the Governor and his Deputy will have a good working ethics and relationship. We also saw how the Jos North/Bassa House of Representative by-election transpired. The interference of Prof. Danladi Atu and Hon. Shehu Bala was the reason why we lost that seat. It is unfortunate that we didn’t only lose the election but came third, a defeat we have never conceded to before. The reason why we lost that seat is because they have no political will and acceptance in Jos North. They lack political foundation and have no decent record of winning elections in the past couple with the fact that the masses are not and will never be with them because of their greed and baseless agenda to our people. We are fully aware of the funds they lied and collected from the State Government, during the bye-election and made no meaningful impact despite spearheading the entire campaign processes. These are not the kind of people the Party needs to win elections at this critical moment. Who have they ever invested in or produced as leaders politically? We need to go back to the drawing board during the days of Late Maitala, may his soul rest in peace, when he won the Jos North/Bassa Federal Constituency seat. We need those stakeholders who stood for him and delivered their various constituencies for his victory not these inexperience politicians, who lack the credibility to settle even the recently concluded Jos North North House of Assembly Constituency Primary election crisis, leaving it at the hands of respected stakeholders in Jos North to settle it while they caused the issue.

May we use this opportunity to inform Hon. Shehu Bala that we are aware of all his mischievous acts, how he embezzled the Local Government funds, converted some of Jos North properties to his personal belongings and all the atrocities he has been committing even thou we wrote an open letter to him few months back. We are also aware and have empirical evidence of how he has been using the Local Government funds to settle some individuals in the government he calls god-father, every month. If not for the absence of some political parties during the last Chairmanship election, Shehu Bala would have not smelled the seat because of his irrelevance. He does not only lack diligence but has no composure to head a home not to talk of an entire Local Government like Jos North, but today he is out there campaigning for his ‘similar like’ god-father to become the deputy governor of Plateau State because of their selfish interest. Just like few individuals, Prof. Danladi Atu was not with you and never believed in your vision when you started, because we all know who he campaigned for but today he has the effrontery to seek for the position of a deputy governor if not for his lack of decency for crying out loud. As for Hon. Shehu Bala, we are watching him and we will definitely write a petition against him immediately he leaves office because we have all the proofs over his abuse of office and how he created unconstitutional offices which is being funded by the local government.  

Your Excellency sir, we are also using this medium to humbly request your decency and position as our flagbearer to advice Hon. Shehu Bala and his co-plotters over their plans to build structures for marketers at the Jos North market to the tune of billions of naira which was outrightly rejected by the market men and women because they knew their intentions was not for the good of the community but their pockets. If they go ahead with their plans which is obviously to siphon the Local Government funds against the will of the masses, it would attract stiff rejection and may end up affecting us in the forth coming election because there would be a lot of aggrieved members among our party faithfuls. This is a critical moment where we all need to trade with caution. Instead of displacing market men and women, he should think of settling the months old outstanding salaries or better still empower the market men and women.

Your Excellency sir, the position of a running mate is very sensitive and strict. As a group, we are not endorsing any candidate even thou we know those qualified for that position, but Prof. Danladi Atu’s interest and game plan is dead on arrival because the youths will not support him for anything. Your running mate should be someone who is sincere and humble, you need a loyalist as a running mate who will stand by you come rain come shine. You need a running mate who has grassroot political experience, structures and acceptance by both Christians/Muslims and different tribes not just political game planners. You need a running mate who isn’t power thirsty or dubious so as to avoid being overthrown someday. Search among your team and work with a candidate whom you believe is capable of delivering and has worked with you even when all these power mongers never believed in your vision. A good and responsible running mate would determine the effectiveness and cordiality of your reign. Do not succumb to pressure but make the right choice that will favour us all. May God see you through your selection and grant you long life.

We are not unaware of the recruited political cankerworms and scavengers writing all sorts of propaganda and hate speech against your vision. Permit me to unreservedly assure you that these cheap political dogs are few but with a loud voice. They lack empathy and don’t have Plateau at heart but to pocket peanuts for blogging and publications. Your response of “while they sell their propaganda, we sell our agenda” is not only top notch but iconic and a victory statement. The great Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not how he stands in times of comfort and convenience but when and how he stands in times of challenges and controversies”. We will celebrate your victory come 2023 Insha Allah.

Yours faithfully,


Post Navi

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